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Twin Cities Home Offer




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About Us

We have been buying homes throughout the Twin Cities for over 10 years, with a combined 30 years of full-time home buying experience. 

We’ve worked with thousands of homeowners and have treated each one with honesty, respect, fairness and dedication. Many past clients are still family friends! We have dedicated our time in Real Estate to perfecting the Home Buying process.


We have worked with some of the local and national Home Buying companies and have molded our favorite aspects of each to create the perfect stress-free process for selling your home.

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Why Sell To Us

We provide full service at every step


Save your time, money and mental wellbeing.


The main goal is to take the stress out of selling your home.


No obligation. Pick my brain on selling your home.

Let’s be honest. With more and more companies entering the “Home Buying” marketplace, the process for getting a true as-is offer on your home has become painful! Now there’s realtors, national companies and salespeople that have entered the space causing lots of angst amongst homeowners. They turned the simple process into a convoluted stressful mess. If you’re lucky enough not to have engaged or dealt with that, then hopefully we just saved you the hassle.

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Why Choose Us

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

I was sell moms house who moved into assistant living. She lived there 58 years. This huge project and I was not able to update, clean and get her house ready to sell in a timely manner.  I worked with with Brendan, he was amazing to work with.  The bid came in a lot higher than other companies.  It was one of the easiest closing ever. All I did was take what we wanted and left everything else. Absolutely NO stress.  I highly recommend this service.  Also Thank You Brendan for help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not seeing your question below? Give us a call and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have. (612) 512-1212

  • How fast can you close?
    Typically it depends on how fast the Title company can process the file. We have closed in as little as 24hrs. Typically it’s about 2 weeks, but most people like 30 days so they can have enough time to move out.
  • What happens if I accept your offer?
    We sign a purchase agreement, which essentially is a commitment from you as the seller and us as the buyer to purchase the home. The purchase agreement get’s submitted to the title company and they process the file and set the close date. Check is disbursed at the time closing documents are signed.
  • Do you put a sign in the yard and pictures on the internet?
    No, absolutely not. It’s a discrete sale and lots of times neighbors won’t even know you sold the house!
  • How long is the offer good for?
    There is no official deadline on the offer, BUT we appreciate an answer whether it’s yes, no, maybe within a day or two of delivery. The reason for this is because Real Estate is a moving market up/down and values can change. Also we don’t like to have dozens of outstanding offers out there and potentially get stuck in a predicament with everyone accepting all at once!
  • How long does it take to get an offer?
    We can get you an offer within an hour of submitting the request, but ideally it’s 24 hours after viewing the home.
  • Can I leave items behind?
    Yes. In fact it’s recommended. Now is the time to declutter your things! BUT please do not add additional items to the home…
  • How do you come up with the offer?
    We throw a dart at the dartboard from $1 to $1MM dollars and hopefully it hits something fair!! Just kidding! We came up with a Home Offer spreadsheet and input your home specific numbers. What’s the potential value in turn key, remodeled condition? What type of current condition is it in? What are the repair estimates? What are the transactional costs? What are the holding costs during renovation? Plug that into the spreadsheet and it will spit out a competitive offer.
  • What do you do with the stuff I leave behind?
    We will reuse items and materials. Donate items to charities and groups. We have a third party company come in an junk out the garbage.
  • What do you do with the house after purchase?
    Typically we make the necessary repairs, refinish existing features, update key parts of the house. Hopefully make it shine again!
  • How long is the site visit?
    We can be in-and-out of the home in under 10 minutes from start to finish. Sometimes costumers find it nice if we stay longer and answer property specific questions!
  • Is it stressful having someone in the house?
    No. It’s very casual and stressfree. You’ll be surprised.
  • My house isn’t ugly, do you purchase clean updated homes?
    Yes! The process for selling your home direct to buyer has changed a lot over the years. It went from strictly only homes that needed repairs to now over 50% of the homes we purchase are nice homes that homeowners wanted to skip the sales process.
  • Do I need to clean the home before showing it?
    Nope don’t worry about that. We aren’t looking at personal property in the home. Just the layout and condition only.
  • Where is closing?
    At the Title Company. Or, if specially requested, we can do a remote closing at your home, nursing home, etc.
  • I dont live in MN but have a house to sell in MN, do I have to be there to sell?
    Nope we can analyze the house and make you an offer without you being present. The title company would overnight the closing documents and either wire you the funds or overnight the check.
  • I sold my house to another company but they aren’t fulfilling the agreement. Can you help?
    Yes! That is a very sensitive situation and will need careful considerationbut we can certainly help you out.
  • Do you purchase homes outside the twin cities?
    Yes! It just requires a little extra upfront work before going to the home but definitely a good idea to give a call because many other home buying companies do not purchase rural properties.
  • Should I get multiple offers on my home?
    Sure! We stand behind our competitive offers and would gladly put them up against others in the market. Beware though, not all offers are the same, some have contingencies and others may be “too good to be true”. Sometimes I like to compare the process of collecting bids as being the same as getting contractor bids to remodel your kitchen. You may call 3 companies and get three different bids. The first one might be the biggest contractor in town, with the highest price tag, but they should come in on time and get the kitchen done with quality, but you’re paying for the convenience. Then there’s the lowest bid, it is a gamble if the company shows up and get’s it done with sub-par workmanship. Llastly the third bid is affordable compared to the two others, they come in and get the job done, on time and at budget and your happy! So sometimes it’s not the best idea to pick the highest or lowest bid, but the company that is right in the middle.
  • Is there cost to the service?
    Nope no cost at all.
  • I’m not quite ready to sell but I’m curious what the offer number would be. Should I wait or get the offer today?
    The earlier you can get an estimate on your home the better. Why? Because most people need to know how much money they will make on the sale of the house before moving onto the next phase. Get an offer on your house today so you can accomplish your goals faster.

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